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Microsoft Code Signing Certificate

The Microsoft Code Signing Certificate provides trusted authentication for your software to help the client operating system recognize that the downloaded software comes from the real publisher on the certificate.

According to the specific application scope and industry requirements, we provide you with two code signing certificate solutions. You can check the following comparison table to choose the software code signing product suitable for your enterprise. The standard version of the code signing certificate will be sent to you online after the verification is completed, the EV code signing certificate will be sent to you by express after the verification is completed, and your EV code signing certificate will be saved in the USBKey.

Features Standard Code Signing Certificate EV Code Signing Certificate
Application Software Signing
Software Driver Signing
Dardware Driver Signing
Validaty 1~2year(s) 1~3year(s)
Class Organization Validation Extended Validation
Issuance Time 1working days 1-2working days
Sha1 Signature/Timestamp
Sha256 Signature/Timestamp
USBKey/eToken Protection
Global Timestamp Service
Technical Consultation With Expert
Priority Support

Code signing certificates are used to digitally sign applications and software to help the client operating system verify the source of the software and the integrity of the software code

Especially for publishing your software through third-party download sites, digital signature is particularly important. If yours is not digitally signed, it can be easily tampered with or implanted in the process of publishing through other websites. The main operating system (such as Microsoft Windows) will prompt errors and risks for unsigned certificates when users run the software.

Understand the features and advantages of code signing certificates

  • Complies with CA / B authentication standards and Microsoft specifications
  • Establish software reputation in Windows 8.0 and higher systems, IE9 or higher, Microsoft Edge and SmartScreen® filters
  • Increase user confidence by showing the publisher identity to customers before running the program
  • Prevent the risk of private key being stolen by hardware token (USBKey) and PIN password
  • Supports all major 32-bit / 64-bit application signatures, including Microsoft Authenticode (kernel and user mode files such as .exe, .cab, .dll, .ocx, .msi, .xpi and .xap) Apple applications and plug-ins, support for Java, MS Office macros and VBA signatures, support for Mozilla target file signatures, and Microsoft Silverlight programs.
  • Support time stamp service, even if the code signing certificate expires, it can continue to ensure the safe operation of the issued certificate.