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Document Signing Certificate

Organizations and individuals are required for online paperless approval and office support, supporting document signing certificates for Adobe signatures, including multiple types and certification levels. The root certificate has been verified by Adobe AATL and is globally recognized.

According to the specific application scope and industry requirements, we provide you with two code signing certificate solutions. You can check the following comparison table to choose the software code signing product suitable for your enterprise. The standard version of the code signing certificate will be sent to you online after the verification is completed, the EV code signing certificate will be sent to you by express after the verification is completed, and your EV code signing certificate will be saved in the USBKey.

Features Personal Edition Enterprise Edition
Adobe Documents Signing
Unlimited Signatures
iKey Hardware Protection
Validaty 1~3year(s) 1~3year(s)
Issuing Time 1~5Working day(s) 1~5Working day(s)
Number of Documents Unlimited Unlimited
Include Organization Details
Priority Technical Support

Understand the working principle and product qualification of document signing certificate

Use a document signing certificate to create a digital signature on your documents. Digital signatures use a secure digital key to prove the authorship of digital information or documents.
The document signing certificate verifies the author of the document and the integrity of the document, and provides a credible publisher identity verification guarantee for the document sent online. The digital certificate can also make the client believe that the received document comes from the sender verified by the CA, and the document has not been tampered with, such as the Adobe PDF client for file signature verification and integrity verification.

Main features and advantages of document signing certificates

  • Fully compatible with Adobe products, in line with Adobe AATL membership
  • Maintain document integrity and non-repudiation throughout the document life cycle
  • Support issuance from 1 year to 3 years validity
  • Support document recipients to verify the signature of the document
  • Support SHA2 and 2048-bit encryption to improve signature security and the latest compliance requirements