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Domain Validation (DV) SSL certificate

Domain Validation SSL for protecting personal blogs, forum sites, and sites in various industries. Enterprise applications can choose the internationally certified EV SSL certificate, which has higher credibility and security, and is suitable for SSL HTTPS encryption protection of computer systems and websites of enterprises and institutions.

Domain name verification DV SSL certificate can complete self-validation and quick issuance in a few minutes, help you remove the "unsafe" prompt in the browser address bar, and quickly provide HTTPS secure encrypted access to your website.

Features DV Single Domain SSL DV Multiple Domains SSL DV Wildcard/SubDomains SSL
Protection Single Domain Name (free www subdomain protection) 3~1000Domain(s) Protect All Subdomains
Validaty 1~2year(s) 1~2year(s) 1~2year(s)
Class Domain Validation Domain Validation Domain Validation
Display Organization Details
Issuance Time In a few minutes In a few minutes In a few minutes
Unlimited Installation Times
Strong SHA2 & ECC Security Encryption
Technical Consultation With Expert
Priority Support
Product Warranty $500,000 USD $500,000 USD $500,000 USD
Secure Site Seal

EV SSL certificate can open the "Secure" tag of the address bar for your website

The authoritative certificate authority (CA) follows the identity verification rules specified by CA / Browser to verify the identity and organization status of the certificate applicant. After verification, your website will display the "brand address bar" on browsers worldwide. Support the display of Chinese company name, English company name or trademark, brand name in the brand address bar. This will further help customers identify the identity of the website operator and increase your brand influence to a certain extent.