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Secure Email (S/MIME) Certificate

Perform digital signature and encryption protection for your email communication to ensure that your email identity can be verified and proven by the client, and support S / MIME secure mail.

Protect email security by using our email certificate (also called personal ID certificate) for digital signatures and encrypted communications. The Secure / Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME) protocol ensures the integrity of mail, so that senders and receivers of email can verify whether the content they share is legal and trusted. All major mail applications support our secure email certificates, including Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, and popular mobile operating systems.

Features Personal Edition Enterprise Edition
Usage Personal Email Address Personal and Corporate Email
Validation Requirements Verify Personal Identity Verify Personal and Business Identities
Validaty 1~3year(s) 1~3year(s)
Management Platform No No
Priority Technical Support

Scale Deployment and Batch Purchase

如果您需要为您组织或团队单次申请超过50个(S/MIME)安全电子邮件签名证书, 请您与我们的在线客服<br>取得联系并申请优惠。同时,我们可为批量申购的重要客户提供集中管理的控制台

Understand How (S/MIME) Secure Email Certificates Work

  • Email Client Encrypts Email Content
  • Email Client Verifies the Sender's Email Address
  • Mail Client Encrypts Email Attachments
  • Ensure the integrity of mail messages during transmission

Most popular mobile devices and desktop computer mail clients support the (S / MIME) security protocol. You can use secure e-mail certificates to send encrypted secure e-mail content anytime, anywhere.